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About JIDE

JIDE’s Mission:

Jide is taken from the Igbo language phrase ‘Jide aka’, which means to ‘hold hands’, as well as the Yoruba word 'Jide' which means to ‘come alive’ or to ‘be awoken’.

Our mission as fashion and accessory designers is to collaborate with local artisans from Nigeria and our global minded customers, to build a system that enables improvement of lives of the local artisans and their families plus stimulating their local economy. To this end, all our products are handmade locally. 

JIDE’s Vision:

We aim to be the best company at promoting the African brand; her clothing, her people, her culture.

JIDE’s Founders:

Jide Gear was founded in 2017 by a husband and wife team, Brian & ChiChi Ezeike, a filmmaker and health professional, who combined their passion for African fashion ware and accessories to bring you handmade products from West Africa.

As Culture Warriors we are proud of our African heritage and are fully committed to bringing you quality handmade fashion wear and accessories made in West Africa. We aim to be a company that promotes the African brand; her clothing, her people, her culture.

The creation and production of our products have special meaning for us. To that point we recently expanded into the Italian market to bring you one of a kind handmade crochet bags made by a Nigerian Nun based in an Italian Monastary. Her work embodies the exquisite expertise of local Italian bag making but above all the proceeds support local charities in Italy and her community in Nigeria. 

We pound the soil and traverse the earth to bring you these African inspired fashion gear at affordable prices. We hope you enjoy shopping our collections and that our products meet your expectations.

We are based in Stockbridge, a suburb in Atlanta, GA.


Brian & ChiChi - JIDE GEAR